Re: Questions about usage/documentation of openflow java library

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Hi Raksha,

I am afraid that ofJava is doing exactly the opposite of your goal. However there is PacketIn object defined (with builder to make the creation more comfortable). But ofJava decodes binary wire protocol to PacketIn and I presume you need to encode PacketIn to binary wire protocol. With flowMods it is the other way round.

In OfJava repo there is testing project - simple-client. But it is just a simple machine for sending and checking received binary fragments.



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Hi all,


I am working on writing a Java based tool that can benchmark SDN controllers on openflow 1.3 (similar to cbench tool). I am at the point where the program can create fakeswitches and connect to controller.  I want to use  openflowjava library to construct packet-ins and receive the respective flow-mods from the controller. Is there any documentation of how I can use openflowjava library APIs to send hello messages, packet-ins and receive flow-mods. Any pointer to OpenDaylight project files that uses openflowjava library for this functionality would also be helpful.


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