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Hi OpenflowJava Team,


For M3, we are missing the Beryllium System Test Plan Wiki Page (#9) for your project. Please take a moment to create one for your project base on the template here [1] or provide an ETA for completion.  In the “Feature Pro-activeness” section, remember to include any local ports (e.g. TCP port 6633 for openflow) that your feature needs to bind to.


Projects with an approved system test waiver should still fill out a Beryllium System Test Plan Wiki as discussed here [2].


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please see Openflow Protocol Library (Openflowjava) M3 status below:


Functionality Freeze:

1. Final list of externally consumable APIs defined: Yes

2. Are all your inter-project dependencies resolved (i.e., have the other projects you were counting on given you what you needed)? Yes

3. Were there any project-specific deliverables planned for this milestone? No


Karaf Features Defined:

4. Are all your project's features that are intended for release added to the features.xml and checked into the integration git repository? Yes

    features.xml are pulled by openflowplugin

5. List all top-level, user-facing, and stable Karaf features for your project.

    No user-facing features.

    Top-level feature: odl-openflowjava-protocol - whole openflowjava functionality

    Top-level features are usually installed by user-facing features.



6. List the kinds of documentation you will provide including at least:

   - developer guide

7. Have you checked in the AsciiDoc outlines to the docs repository? No

   - no feature / functionality updates since Lithium


Integration and Test:

8. Have you started automated system testing for your top-level features. No

  - system test waiver approved


9. Have you filled out basic system test plan template for each top-level feature (karaf and not karaf) and a comprehensive system test plan template including functionality, cluster, scalability, performance, longevity/stability for each stable feature? No

   - system test waiver approved


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