Re: [openflowplugin-dev] Li vs He - TransactionId and Error notifications

Hi Michel,

You are right, this is what I'm expecting, but openflowplugin always report successful future even if the device return an Error

Here is a capture :


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Hi Omar,

in Li-design you get a future object but the transactionId is null there.

Reason is simple: you do not need it. If there is an error message related to your flow then you will get failed future containing that error in exception.

If your future is successful then the flow has been accepted by device (flow-mod was sent followed by barrier request + reply).




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Hi all,

In Helium RPC future result returned Transaction Id, example :

Future<RpcResult<AddFlowOutput>> rpcResult= salFlowService.addFlow(addFlowInput);
     if (rpcResult.get().isSuccessful()) {
          TransactionId id = rpcResult.get().getResult().getTransactionId()

In Lithium code the getResult() always return null. Is that normal? How to get the transaction Id?

Also, the NodeErrorListener does not return OF errors as it is the case with Helium code.

I'm I missing something?


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