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Michal Polkorab

Hello Giuseppe,

there is a reason behind this implementation. MultipartReply messages are RPCs, but there can be multiple of them delivered from switch to controller (eg.

OFPMPF_REPLY_* flags).

If those were strictly paired with MultipartRequest message, then the first MultipartReply message would consume the relevant / corresponding MultipartRequest future and the next one (with the same XID) could be paired with no future. Openflowplugin project implements a mechanism for multipart request <-> reply mapping.



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Hi all,


I am working with the ConnectionAdapterImpl



I can’t understand why the multipartRequest method return an object of type Future<RpcResult<Void>> instead of  Future<RpcResult<MultiparReplyMessage>>  as happens for all the methods related to messages that have a reply.


public Future<RpcResult<Void>> multipartRequest(final MultipartRequestInput input)


Is that any reason for that or is it a bug?



Thank you for your help.



Giuseppe Petralia



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