Openflow-Java: Deserializer for FeaturesRequest and Flow Mod Message?

Madhava Bangera, Raksha <raksha.madhava.bangera@...>



I am trying to write a java program that can benchmark ODL controller. I am building OF messages using openflow-java library, de-serializing the OF messages received from controller. I noticed that OF-java library does not support de-serializers for FeaturesRequest (type:5) and FlowMod Message(Type:14). I noticed that in, registerMessageDeserializers() which is called while initializing de-serializer registry does not load deserializer for type 5 and type 14.


Is there a way I can explicitly load the deserialisers for FeaturesRequest and FlowMod Messages using OF-Java? If not, is there any alternate method using the library that I can decode the received messages into FeaturesRequest and FlowMod messages?


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