Re: Openflow-Java: Deserializer for FeaturesRequest and Flow Mod Message?

Michal Polkorab

Hi Raksha,

there is currently no way how to register your deserializer from outside of openflowjava. The only option would be to add it into openflowjava directly and build the project locally.



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I am trying to write a java program that can benchmark ODL controller. I am building OF messages using openflow-java library, de-serializing the OF messages received from controller. I noticed that OF-java library does not support de-serializers for FeaturesRequest (type:5) and FlowMod Message(Type:14). I noticed that in, registerMessageDeserializers() which is called while initializing de-serializer registry does not load deserializer for type 5 and type 14.


Is there a way I can explicitly load the deserialisers for FeaturesRequest and FlowMod Messages using OF-Java? If not, is there any alternate method using the library that I can decode the received messages into FeaturesRequest and FlowMod messages?


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