Re: New message count for Openflow Java in ODL master (Boron)

Chinmay.Mohanta <mohanta.chinmay@...>

Hi Michal,

Thanks for your reply.

Indeed the formula indicated by you gives the expected value !!
So it obviates the implementation of a new counter.

However following new thoughts emerge.

Do we really need the counts DS_ENTERED_OFJAVA and DS_ENCODE_SUCCESS ?

Maintaining these two counts (for every message) is costly in terms of performance (due to need for synchronization).

I think we should have counts only for the error scenarios resulting least influence on the performance.

BTW, my goal is to simplify the debugging process to find out whenever/wherever there is a message drop due to resource contention. Message drop count will provide an essential input to rationalize the provisioning of resources. 

Thanks and Regards,
Chinmay @ ericsson

On Wed, May 11, 2016 at 5:22 PM, Michal Polkoráb <michal.polkorab@...> wrote:

Hello Chinmay,

is it really needed to add such counter ? One can get this number by DS_ENTERED_OFJAVA - (DS_ENCODE_SUCCESSDS_ENCODE_FAIL) if only OutboundQueue is used. This counter looses its meaning when OutboundQueueManager is used as the manager enqueues all messages and the message count is controlled byt rpcQuota in openflowplugin.




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Subject: [openflowjava-dev] New message count for Openflow Java in ODL master (Boron)
Hi all,

To supplement present testing and diagnosing scenarios using message counts, I am proposing following new count.

Purpose : To count messages dropped because the queue present in ChannelOutboundQueue is full. This count will be helpful to mark the threshold downstream message processing capability of Openflow Java. Downsizing/upsizing resources surrounding this counter will decrease/increase downstream message processing capability.

Implementation implications:

This new count will be implemented using existing counter module StatisticsCounters.

Please share your comments (if any ).

Thanks and Regards,
Chinmay @ ericsson


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