Re: [opendaylight-dev] [OpenDaylight Discuss] TWS on reorganizing the OpenFlow projects

Andrew Grimberg <agrimberg@...>

On 05/12/2016 06:43 AM, Colin Dixon wrote:
So, did the TWS on this topic actually happen? I think it didn't, but it
probably should in the near future. It sounds like there's two (or maybe
three) orthogonal questions here:

1.) Should the tightly entwined OpenFlow projects be collocated under a
single openflow project like we did with integration and releng? I'd say
that's pretty clearly a yes, but we need to decide when and what impact
it will have.

Thanh and Andy, do you have any comments there? Also, I don't remember
if we got to keep group-level isolation of artifact names after we do
that, which would be important to understand.
I'll point out a couple of things with a restructure:

1) Build history might potentially be lost if the projects change their
final component name (which is unlikely). Just changing the logical
parentage shouldn't be an issue though we would have to lock access to
the repos during the transition.

2) We base the artifact namespacing upon the repo name. So, an example
of foo/bar/baz.git in Gerrit would have a namespace of* in Nexus.

3) With #2 in mind a reorg does mean that their merge jobs will fail
until they update their groupID to the newly designated groupID.


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