Re: OpenFlow broken in master

Luis Gomez <ecelgp@...>

The distribution-check job is designed to fail when it sees a failure like the one I sent in my previous mail but this ERROR message did not show when we loaded all the features like we do in the distribution-check, instead we see these WARN messages indicating the issue but not failing the distribution-check:

2016-06-01 08:20:55,771 | WARN  | ction-291-293'}} | DeadlockMonitor                  | 113 - org.opendaylight.controller.config-manager - 0.5.0.SNAPSHOT | ModuleIdentifier{factoryName='openflow-switch-connection-provider-impl', instanceName='openflow-switch-connection-provider-default-impl'} did not finish after 174947 ms

On Jun 2, 2016, at 2:11 PM, Luis Gomez <ecelgp@...> wrote:

It seems the blueprint patches for openflowjava:

broke the openflowplugin project and all projects depending on OpenFlow:

2016-06-02 09:37:46,379 | ERROR | config-pusher    | ConfigRegistryImpl               | 121 - org.opendaylight.controller.config-manager - 0.5.0.SNAPSHOT | Configuration Transaction failed on 2PC, server is unhealthy
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Error - getInstance() failed for ModuleIdentifier{factoryName='openflow-plugin-provider-impl', instanceName='openflow-plugin-provider-impl'} in transaction TransactionIdentifier{name='ConfigTransaction-68-70'}

I am still investigating why the distribution-check job did not catch this.


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