Barrier Message Timeout - 500ms - Rational behind the value

Muthukrishnan T

Dear Team ,

I have been working in Lithium and Boron Stable Version .

Lets take Boron , In openflowplugin.cfg default timer for barrier message is 500ms is there any

rational behind the same ? why not 100ms ?

If I push via SAL-FLOW RPC , total time taken for flow push = Time taken for flow push + barrier delay  = ~ 30 ms + 520 ms (barrier ).

If I change the value from 500ms to 100 ms I am getting drastic performance improvement in flow push processing . Can anyone tell why we have gone for 500ms as default timer value ?

How we have arrived this golden value of 500ms ?


File : openflowplugin.cfg

"#Timeout interval in milliseconds between each barrier message.

#Default value is set to 500 milliseconds


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