openflowjava - Carbon M5 Offset 1 Status

Michal Rehak -X (mirehak - PANTHEON TECHNOLOGIES@Cisco) <mirehak@...>


  1. Please provide updates on any previously-incomplete items from prior milestone readouts.   N/A

  1. Has your project met code freeze, i.e., only bug fixes are allowed from now on?   Yes

  1. Are all externally visible strings frozen to allow for translation & documentation?   Yes

  2. Is your documentation complete such that only editing and enhancing should take place after this point?   Yes;a=blob;f=docs/developer-guide/openflow-protocol-library-developer-guide.rst;h=37a8fcd85f0a2111ae59a7e2e74d60cd3ce5e110;hb=HEAD

  1. Were project-specific deliverables planned for this milestone delivered successfully?   No Deliverables

  2. Are you running at least one basic automated system test job for each top-level feature?   No

* system test waiver granted   

  1. please provide link to your project Karaf 4 migration patch  

Stables Features (only for projects with stable features)
  1. Do your stable features fulfill quality requirements (i.e. unit and/or integration test coverage of at least 75%)?   Yes

9. Are you running several automated system test jobs including functionality, cluster, scalability, performance, longevity/stability for each stable feature?   No

*  covered by openflowplugin project test suite


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