Re: [controller-dev] Openflow Protocol Library

Michal Polkorab


we have received some reactions / suggestions to our OpenFlow Protocol Library Architecture introduction. From these, we have formulated common questions that we would like to respond to.

Q: What OpenFlow protocol versions will the library support ?
A: The library is designed to support OpenFlow 1.3 right now. However, there are components called OF Version Detector and OF Codec. OF Version Detector detects the version of a wire-protocol from the OpenFlow frame and after the detection the Version Detector chooses the right OpenFlow Codec to process the information. By doing so we can achieve that other versions will be supported too. Another benefit of this approach is that we can use the same port.

Q: What about connection termination ? In case of OF 1.3 the connection is terminated within the library and in case of OF 1.0 the connection is terminated in OF plugin.
A: It is possible to build the wrapper around OpenFlow 1.0 and use it as another Openflow Codec. This way we can terminate the connection within the library.

Q: How big will be the impact of pipeline on the latency ?
A: Pipeline is mentioned as logical division of code, so that reusable components would not be tightly coupled. If we want to support TLS connections, we need to implement this mechanism.

Michal Polkorab

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