Re: [release] WEATHER - OpenFlowJava being merged into OpenFlowPlugin in Nitrogen

Michal Rehák <michal.rehak@...>

Hi all,

unfortunately the deadline for answer regarding Nitrogen participation is in 2 days. Based on openflowplugin communication and weather page [3] I presume that the decision to adopt codebase of openflowjava in Nitrogen has been met and now the discussion aims on finding the best way to do so. That's why I will now initiate voting of openflowjava committers to instigate moving openflowjava project to archived state involving termination review (according to [1]).

In case of positive result I will create termination proposal wiki (similar to [2]) and reply to tsc that openflowjava project intends to drop from Nitrogen release.

@Vishal: I believe that patch for integration/distribution will be provided by openflowplugin community soon.

@Robert: As the project content it not really terminated I guess that termination review could contain some extra points

   - open issues/enhancements and plan on how to cope with bugzilla (merge outstanding  bugs or just lock openflowjava space and from now on file all bugs under openflowplugin or wait for jira.. whatever)

   - the same for corresponding part of documentation project and wiki pages

I guess there is no urgent need to discuss adopting openflowjava committers to openflowplugin as there are just 3 active and 2 of them are openflowplugin committers already.

Any enhancement ideas or objections?




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Subject: RE: [release] WEATHER - OpenFlowJava being merged into OpenFlowPlugin in Nitrogen
OpenflowJava/Plugin devs,

I believe openflowjava would still be adding patch to enable in integration/distribution as part of Karaf4 migration, before this merge? I didn't see any patch yet so wanted to know what the plans are with karaf4.


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Subject: Re: [release] WEATHER - OpenFlowJava being merged into OpenFlowPlugin in Nitrogen

On 28/06/17 17:58, Colin Dixon wrote:
> As an aside, I'm assuming this means openflowjava will not participate
> in nitrogen. Is that right?

I would guess so. It also means we need to figure out something like a Termination Review process or something... Any ideas?


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