Migrating to the new Openflow assigned port (6653)

Madhu Venugopal (vmadhu) <vmadhu@...>

For those who don't know, IANA has assigned a new Openflow port 6653.

Am not quite sure how 6633 was used so far as OpenFlow port, given the fact that it has been assigned to Cisco vPath Services Overlay :-)

It was recommended to cut over to the new assigned port immediately.

But given the current default usage of 6633, folks at the mini-summit recommended that the controller listen to both 6633 & 6653 to 
Provide backward compatibility. Also this provides a proper deprecation policy.

Ofcourse these ports will be configurable on the controller. 
This discussion is only about the default value that the controller must listen to :-)

Any comments/concerns with the approach of listening to 6653 & 6633 (and configurable) by default ?