[ttp-dev] TWS on reorganizing the OpenFlow projects

Curt Beckmann <beckmann@...>

Monday can work for me if it is early Pacific time…  But I also trust you (Colin) to represent TTP if the meeting ends up later.




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Subject: [ttp-dev] TWS on reorganizing the OpenFlow projects


During recent TSC meetings, we noticed that we have at least 6 OpenFlow-related projects:

* openflowplugin

* openflowjava

* of-config

* ofextensions/circuitsw

* ofextensions/epc

* ttp

It might make sense to reorganize them with some merging and maybe all of them being located under a common openflow/ root. It would be good to talk this through during a TWS in the future. Does this make sense to people? When works? This Monday (5/9)? A later date?