Cross project talk on release plans (openflow extensions/ovsdb/groupbasedpolicy)

Ed Warnicke (eaw) <eaw@...>

In an attempt to get some discussion going between projects on release plans, I have been reading through the
release plans for each project and trying to get a sense of where there are things that projects probably should talk about timing wise.

I know that ovsdb has some extensions they would like to see in openflowplugin around new actions, and I suspect groupbasedpolicy
may as well. Could we get those needs called out specifically, and identify when they are needed by, who will do the work, and get them
listed on the openflowplugin:
and/or openflowjava:
release plans with corresponding info on the ovsdb:
and groupbasedpolicy

Release plans so its clear what they expect from whom when :)