OpenFlow Plugin Trello page for Helium tasks/schedule & next meeting

Abhijit Kumbhare

Hi folks,

I have created a Trello page for the OpenFlow plugin Helium schedule (many thanks to Madhu & Brent for some cool Trello ideas): 

I have also added some of you folks as members and included you on some of the tasks. Please don't overreact when you see your name against a task that you did not sign up for - this is just a preliminary placeholder assignment to get started & will be changed after we talk about it in the OpenFlow plugin meeting(s). However - please look at the task list and start volunteering for individual tasks (you may send an email to the list or to me privately or on trello). Alternately if you feel you would like to work on a task that is not included in the list & you feel it would contribute to the OpenFlow implementation of OpenDaylight in a positive manner - please bring it up in the Monday openflow plugin meetings (and via email). Some tasks do not have a name associated right now.

Since Monday is a holiday in the US - lets do this meeting on Tuesday (same time as the Monday meeting). I will need to ask Phil for a one-off bridge & will send it to the list.