openflowjava IOB Exception in netvirt csit

Jamo Luhrsen <jluhrsen@...>

Hi OFP, OFJ, Netvirt,

I'm debugging some failures in netvirt CSIT and saw an exception I don't remember
seeing before (not that it's new, I just haven't seen it. although I dig at these
things daily)

2017-05-09 15:52:45,124 | WARN | entLoopGroup-7-5 | OFDecoder | 268 -
org.opendaylight.openflowjava.openflow-protocol-impl - 0.9.0.SNAPSHOT | Message deserialization failed
java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: readerIndex(166) + length(4) exceeds writerIndex(166): UnpooledSlicedByteBuf(ridx: 166,
widx: 166, cap: 166/166, unwrapped: PooledUnsafeDirectByteBuf(ridx: 13896, widx: 13896, cap: 16384))
at io.netty.buffer.AbstractByteBuf.checkReadableBytes0([117:io.netty.buffer:4.1.8.Final]
at io.netty.buffer.AbstractByteBuf.readInt([117:io.netty.buffer:4.1.8.Final]
at io.netty.buffer.AbstractByteBuf.readUnsignedInt([117:io.netty.buffer:4.1.8.Final]

There are a lot of them (~1200) over a 90m system test job.

I don't know yet if they are related to the failures I am debugging, but something is not right.

Any comments? Need a bug?

here is the full karaf log: