[openflowplugin-dev] Extension match field


Maybe ,You should extends openflowjava,openflowplugin ang SAL.
You should make opendaylight to support openflow 1. 3 protocol.
Because opendaylight default support only openflow1.0,you should change some configuration file to make it suport 1.3 protocol.
I know someone who has the same problem as you.

At 2016-01-04 17:06:54, "John Schistos" <jschistos@...> wrote:
I want to insert an extension match field of a flow.I followed the nicira project structure and "probably" figured out how to do it.The thing is, when I try to push an example flow of mine, Wireshark shows me an error of Openflow messages, saying that there is a null field, does anyone know something on this and could help me?Or if someone has done something relevant he/she could help me?