Reliable Topology API's

Colton Powell


I have a question/concern regarding querying data on the network-topology API's. 

I am building a system using ODL, which attempts to mirror the topology provided by these API's. In particular, I have attempted to implement reliability in my system so that, if a switch fails, I can dynamically detect this and reroute traffic, and perform other administrative actions.

However, if a switch goes down and then comes back up, it appears that the network-topology API's do not return any links between switches in the topology. Links between hosts and switches still exist, but no links between the actual switches will remain.

This has been a very confusing problem and has prevented me from implementing the type of reliability I wish to have in this system -- If I cannot detect links in the topology, I cannot redirect traffic to the proper ports. I presume it may be an issue with my configuration, or maybe the openflowplugin (since, to my understanding, the TopologyManager component of that plugin oversees the network topology).

Does anyone have any insight that could help me in this situation? Thank you!