Re: [controller-dev] How to use the OpenStack Neutron ML2 MechanismDriver with OpenDaylight

Thomas Bachman <tbachman@...>

Hideyuki Tai,

I ran into a similar issue, and with Kyle's help, was able to fix it. In the repo Kyle mentioned, there's a file lib/nova.   You want to add the following patch to that file:

Once I did this, I was able to run successfully.


-Thomas Bachman

On Thursday, November 21, 2013 9:34 AM, Kyle Mestery (kmestery) <kmestery@...> wrote:
Hi Hideyuki:

Is this a fresh Ubuntu/Fedora box? Do you have a firewall
enabled? Looks like your credentials are wrong. Make sure
you have updated the IP addresses in the localrc file before


On Nov 21, 2013, at 8:30 AM, Hideyuki Tai <h-tai@...> wrote:

> Hi kyle,

> Thank you for sharing this information!

> I checked out the devstack tree from here.
>    git clone
> And, setup my local.conf and run
> However, I got the error " ERROR: Unauthorized (HTTP 401)"

> [odp-dev:~/work/devstack] $ ./
> (snip)
> ++ ALT_USERNAME=alt_demo
> ++ ALT_TENANT_NAME=alt_demo
> ++ [[ -z '' ]]
> ++ nova flavor-create m1.nano 42 64 0 1
> ERROR: Unauthorized (HTTP 401)
> + clean
> + local r=1
> ++ jobs -p
> + kill
> [odp-dev:~/work/devstack] $

> And I also saw other error messages in output of like this:

> ERROR: Invalid OpenStack Nova credentials.

> What am I missing here?

> Regards,
> Hideyuki Tai

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> Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2013 12:19 PM
> To: controller-dev@...
> Cc: ovsdb-dev@...
> Subject: [controller-dev] How to use the OpenStack Neutron ML2 MechanismDriver with OpenDaylight

> All:

> After returning from the OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong last week, I've spent some time working on the Neutron ML2 MechanismDriver for ODL. The good news is that after plenty of help from Ryan Moats, I've got it working now! Instructions on how to use it are below. The next steps are to integrate this with something which plugs into the NeutronAPIService APIs I'm using in ODL now. For the OVSDB integration efforts there, we will also require some possible API calls to alert ODL about hosts as the come online.

> To test out the plugin (including devstack support), try the following instructions:

> Here are some very brief instructions on using the (fresh off the presses) OpenStack Neutron ML2 MechanismDriver with ODL:

>     • Setup a fresh VM running either Fedora (preferably 19) or Ubuntu (12.04 or newer).
>     • Checkout a devstack tree from here:
>         • git clone
>         • git checkout opendaylight
>     • Now, setup your local.conf [1] files. This file should go into the root of your devstack directory. You can copy/paste the example below and modify the sections as the next section indicates:
>         • Make the following changes per the example below:
>             • SERVICE_HOST should be the IP of the host you're running devstack on.
>             • In the ml2_odl section, the "url" should have the IP of the host running ODL.
>     • Once modified, now stack:
>         • ./
>     • Once this is complete, you should now have a setup which is sending Neutron API requests to ODL.

> NOTE: This assumes you have a working ODL running somewhere.

> The code to look at the OpenDaylight ML2 MechanismDriver is located here:


> If you have any questions, please let me know and reach out to me.

> Thanks!
> Kyle

> [1] local.conf file:
> [[local|localrc]]

> disable_service n-net
> enable_service q-svc
> #enable_service q-agt
> enable_service q-dhcp
> enable_service q-l3
> enable_service q-meta
> enable_service neutron

> #enable_service odl
> Q_PLUGIN=ml2
> Q_ML2_PLUGIN_MECHANISM_DRIVERS=opendaylight,logger

> disable_service rabbit
> enable_service qpid

> HOST_NAME=$(hostname)



> [[post-config|/etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini]]
> [ml2_odl]
> url=
> username=admin
> password=admin

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