Neutron integration status and next steps / Trello added

Madhu Venugopal


As most of you know already, we made significant progress on the Neutron integration and we will have the OF1.0 based GRE overlay support
completed anytime now. All the corresponding code has been checked in in the ovsdb.neutron plugin. Please check it out.
Though VXLAN and VLAN are just other Tunneling implementations, there is some work involved in that. Also, there are more than
15 Todo items just on the Neutron integration and I have consolidated everything under a new "Neutron Integration To Do" list
and a "Neutron Integration Doing" list based on popular demand.

As always please feel free to pick items of interest and your comfort. Let us all know about what you picked in the IRC channel to avoid duplicated
effort. Please coordinate with other volunteers of a task if there are multiple volunteers for the same card.


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