Neutron ML2 OpenDaylight plugin successfully integrated with OVSDB plugin & OF 1.0 for GRE Overlay

Madhu Venugopal


After couple of weeks of integration effort, we finally have a working Multi-node DevStack setup running Fedora 19
with Neutron ML2 opendaylight plugin integrated and working nicely using the OVSDB (for OVS switch management)
and OF 1.0 (for Flow based forwarding). We have started with GRE tunnel overlay as our first integration point.
VXLAN & Vlan integration will follow (and they should be minor effort). [We also seen interest in LISP integration as well].
We are currently waiting on the availability of OF1.3 plugin to improve the scalability of this solution.

Attached is the screenshot for a visual impact ;) and a few captures.
Brent is working on a nice document with step-by-step instructions and ofcourse we will record a few Youtube videos
covering most of the technical details.

This is an excellent team effort with Kyle, Brent, Florian & Ashwin. You guys are amazing !
We also have other OVSDB project members, Keith & Thomas getting up to speed to get plugged in.
Hugo is working on CloudStack integration. Cant wait !!!

Ofcourse this is just the beginning and we have tons of work left on the integration effort and most of them are being tracked
in our project's Trello page : under the Neutron integration section.

Please jump in, contribute and enjoy the crazy discussions that happens @ 4AM EST & PT ;)

Happy Thanks Giving .


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