AD-SAL deprecation and M4 status

Daniel Farrell <dfarrell@...>

Hello OVSDB folks,

I was #action'd in today's Lithium IRC sync-up to follow up with OVSDB
about the status of AD-SAL deprecation. Specifically, next Thursday (3/19)
is M4 (API freeze) for Offset-0 projects - is OVSDB green?

Meeting minutes here[1], most relevant excerpts of the meeting below.

14:33:42 <phrobb> #info Everyone please note that next Thursday (3/19) is M3 for Offset-2 project AND M4 == API Freeze for Offest-0 projects
14:43:46 <phrobb> On OVSDB I note a deliverable of "deprecate AD-SAL" and "Add MD-SAL interface". With Functionality freeze occuring next Thursday, is the team expecting to have that completed in that timeframe?… i.e. "Is OVSDB status greeen"?
14:44:16 <colindixon> #link the current project status
14:44:44 <colindixon> phrobb: from my understanding the deprecating the AD-SAL is going pretty well, but the other stuff is less clear
14:45:24 <phrobb> colindixon: Thanks… I'm just wanting to make sure that if the project isn't currently green, that we are representing it correctly
14:46:02 <colindixon> #info phrobb asks about the status of OVSDB hitting the “deprecate AD-SAL” and “add MD-SAL interface” and how that interacts with the M3 functionality freeze
14:47:00 <colindixon> #action flaviof and/or dfarrell07 to figure that out since if we miss those targets it will have siginificant impact on other projects



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