Re: SFC OVS Mapping Questions

Multanen, Eric W

Hi Raghu,

I’m also planning to work on Port/Interface CRUD – starting later this week and into next week.  If you’re finished up with bridge and moving onto Port/Interface in that timeframe, let me know so we can coordinate.




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I am working on the CRUD Bridge from Config Store. I was blocked on a Controller/RESTCONF issue where Yang Instance Identifiers where not being parsed/serialized properly. That has just been resolved yesterday and I should be able to make progress now. I was planning to take up the  CRUD of Port/Interface after that. 






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Subject: [ovsdb-dev] SFC OVS Mapping Questions


As we work our SFC OVS implementation we have a few questions. 


I’ve checked today.


Use Cases to be done:

Use Case: Operational information about Ports/Interfaces

Use Case: CRUD Bridge from config store

Use Case: CRUD Port/Interface from config store

Use Case: Tunnels


We need all of these, before we can move forward with SFC.


I saw that Ports/Interfaces are already in progress (


What is the status of other use-cases? Is somebody actively working on it?





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