Re: OVSDB Yang model

Multanen, Eric W

Regarding “2. grouping ovsdb-port-interface-attributes”, we had some discussions in the OVSDB meetings and IRC on this, and the conclusion

was to combine the port and interface attributes into a single yang termination-point augmentation – to keep the yang model simpler.

Obviously, the code will have to handle translating between the YANG and OVSDB schema.




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Hi Folks,

I have been playing/getting to grips with the current OVSDB.yang model and have a couple of observations/questions.

1. "managed-node-entry"

What is the reason for this augmentation?

 The topology model allows for listing of nodes supported by other nodes via the "supporting-node" list. The managed-node-entry currently appears to be duplicating that role.

2. grouping ovsdb-port-interface-attributes

This IMO needs to be split up into separate port and interface attributes as per the OVSDB, where interfaces belong to ports and have very different attributes.

Was there any particular reason for this grouping?


I'd be happy to start and patch/make the above changes + a few more additions but in the meantime, would like to hear from the group.



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