OVSDB M3 Status for MDSAL

Sam Hague

Hi all,

we need to report the M3 status next week on 3/19/15. The only status I am unsure of right now is the MDSAL OVSDB.

I think at a minimum we need to ensure the API (yang model) is set. Offest 0 projects have API freeze on 3/19/15 whereas we are offest 2 and have a functionality freeze so we need to answer the following questions to derive a status:

1. What else needs to be done for the model?
2. What is our confidence for delivering the mdsal southbound for the model?

For reference, we have these deliverables for lithium along with the current status:

- bug fixing: green
- sonar: green
- tempest: green
- adsal deprecation: green
- mdsal ovsdb (tentative): yellow

Thanks, Sam

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