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Prem sankar G <prem.sankar.g@...>


  Currently we have Neutron *Aware methods only for L2 part of the VPN Service.  L3/VPN part is not in there due to non-availability of equivalent BP in Openstack. 




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Looping in vpnservice-dev correctly now :)




On Fri, Mar 13, 2015 at 10:07 AM, Edward Warnicke <hagbard@...> wrote:

In the neutron meeting today:



There was discussion of adding VPN Services to neutron.


The intention over time is to:


a)  Offer both neutron yang model and *Aware methods in Lithium

b)  Offer both neutron yang model and *Aware methods in Beryllium, but deprecate *Aware methods

c)  Offer only neutron yang model (remove *Aware) in Boron or later.


As part of that the discussion, we considered the question of whether in addition to

a VPN Services yang model, we needed to also add *Aware methods for VPN Services.


On the one hand, it seemed odd to introduce *Aware methods that we are already planning to deprecate.


On the other hand, if there were folks using *Aware methods in Lithium who intended to use provide VPN Services we didn't want to force them

to a mixed model where they had to use both yang model *and* *Aware.


To our knowledge, on the VPN Services project was intending to use the VPN Service stuff in Lithium, and we believed them to be greenfield, and so not facing the mixed usage case.


So the question is:


To VPN Services: Do you have current neutron stuff using the *Aware methods?


To All other Neutron Providers: Are you planning to use VPN Service APIs in Li ?





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