Événement annulé: OpenDaylight - OPNFV community sync meeting - Tous les mois entre 16:00 et 17:00 le troisième Jeudi (Nicolas Thomas)

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OpenDaylight - OPNFV community sync meeting

The following is a new meeting request:

Subject: OpenDaylight - OPNFV community sync meeting
Organizer: "Dave Neary"

Location: Intercall (numbers below) Bridge: 915 507 3783#
Time: 10:00:00 AM - 11:00:00 AM GMT -05:00 US/Canada Eastern
Recurrence : The third Thursday of every 1 month(s) No end date Effective Mar 19, 2015

Invitees: opnfv-tech-discuss@...; discuss@...; ovsdb-dev@...; neutron-dev@...; opnfv-tsc@...; controller-dev@...


OpenDaylight - OPNFV monthly sync call

This is a monthly call to allow integration issues between OpenDaylight and OpenStack in the context of OPNFV to be shared and resolved, and to encourage better communication between OPNFV and the OpenDaylight project.

Agenda this month:
* OpenDaylight issues in BGS (Fuel and Foreman participants: Please communicate any current issues you have to allow me to add them to the agenda)
* Deploying OpenDaylight in a Docker container (Dan Smith, any issues?)
* OpenDaylight development/roadmap process: How can OPNFV participants define priorities and communicate feature gaps to the OpenDaylight community? https://wiki.opnfv.org/community/opendaylight

Dial-in numbers:

US Toll-Free Dial-In Number: 800 451 8679
US local dial-in number: +1 (212) 729-5016

Global Access Numbers Local:

China Domestic Dial-in # 4006205013
China Domestic Dial-in # 8008190132
Finland Helsinki Dial-in # 0923194436
France Paris Dial-in # 0170377140
Germany Berlin Dial-in # 030300190579
Germany Frankfurt Dial-in # 06922222594
Spain Madrid Dial-in # 914146284
Sweden Stockholm Dial-in # 0850513770
United Kingdom Dial-in # 02035746870
United Kingdom LocalCall Dial-in # 08445790678

Global Access Numbers Toll-Free

Australia Dial-in # 1800337169
France Dial-in # 0805632867
Germany Dial-in # 08006647541
India Dial-in # 180030104350
Japan Dial-in # 0120994948
Japan Dial-in # 00531250120
Netherlands Dial-in # 08000222329
Spain Dial-in # 800300524
Sweden Dial-in # 0200896860
Switzerland Dial-in # 0800650077
United Kingdom Dial-in # 08006948057

Tous les mois entre 16:00 et 17:00 le troisième Jeudi Johannesburg
Intercall (numbers below) Bridge: 915 507 3783# (plan)
Nicolas Thomas
Nicolas Thomas- organisateur
Tallgren, Tapio (Nokia - FI/Espoo)

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