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Hi ovsdb developers,


In case you do not know we have created a new project in OpenDaylight with the goal of coordinating release, integration and test efforts across all projects.


The project has already gathered a few people willing to collaborate, however as I stated on the last week Hackfest: we have a strong dependency on the other projects, this is we cannot do much without your support.


In particular we need a contact (at least one) person in your team who can:


1) Sign-up the vHackfest proposed by Ed (see below) so that we are sure we fulfill M3 Continuous Integration Test Start requirement. Note this is IMMEDIATE need (by tomorrow).

2) Answer general questions about test procedures and quality regarding your project

3) Provide a high-level overview of your deliverable features (especially those subject to test) so that we can have a consistent release and also better plan for the final tests


I hope I hear from you very soon


Thanks in advance




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I've put up a page for the vHackFest here:



Please make sure at least one person from each project signs up there

to participate in the vHackFest on Thursday no later than Mon Sept 16 so we can all meet the M3 Continuous Integration

Test Start requirement.



On Sep 12, 2013, at 7:11 PM, Ed Warnicke (eaw) <eaw@...> wrote:


According to the Hydrogen Release Plan:

We should commence continuous integration testing no later than next week.

In order to facilitate that its been suggested we do a vHackfest next week to insure that each project:

1)  Has at least some integration testing running
2)  Has a Jenkins Job that kick off when a project it depends on changes

The basic thought is to kick off on IRC with Webex's available for screensharing/voice collaboration
over a 24 hours period (not expecting folks to stay up 24 hours… work your normal hours, but we are a
global team)  My initial thought was kicking off at

10am CEST (Rome, Brataslava) on Thu Sept 19 (aka 1am PST on Thur Sept 19)
end at
10am CEST Fri Sept 20 (aka 1am PST on Fri Sept 20)

How do those times work for folks?  Can I get at least one volunteer from each project?


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