Re: list of required properties needed in southbound model

Sam Hague

For bridge we don't currently use the external_ids or other_config

For the Open_vSwitch table we do use other_config to get the tunnel ip address:

other_config : {bridge_mappings="physnet1:eth1,physnet3:eth3", local_ip=""}

The external_ids does get written to identify the ovsdb node but we don't use that currently:

external_ids : {system-id="5201c1fd-d198-46a2-bcbf-ce1ad594f6b5"}

Thanks, Sam

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On bridge, which external-ids and other-config do you need?


On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 12:53 PM, Sam Hague <shague@...> wrote:

- get ovsdb node, get all ovsdb nodes, get bridges on ovsdb node, find
bridge via openflow node,
find ovsdbnode via openflow node or bridge
- get bridge via name and uuid, get ports from bridge
- get port via name and uuid, get interfaces from port
- get interface from port, get interface via uuid, get ofport from
interface, get externalids from interface
- get other_config, external_ids from any table

- Bridge: failMode, protocols, ports, dpid
- Ports: name, interfaces
- Interface: type, options (map<String,String> - key, local_ip,
remote_ip), ofport,
externalIds (attached-mac, vm-id, iface-id)
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