Re: OVSDB Plug-in's MD-SAL based northbound

Sam Hague


the Northbound is currently adsal based. That will not go away for Lithium so you are good for a while. There is work to migrate that away from adsal but that is being scoped now so not sure when that will be ready. That doesn't mean it would be true mdsal, but it wouldn't have any adsal.

The mdsal based southbound has a restconf interface but the southbound is a subset of the ovsdb tables and overlay focused so you can get information about ovsdb nodes, bridges and ports. You could look at extending the model to retrieve the whole ovsdb but that is work you would need to drive.

Thanks, Sam

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Any one can please let me know, is the latest OVSDB ODL plug-in supports
MD-SAL based Northbound?

I believe the AD-SAL is going to deprecated soon..

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Abdul Rasheed.

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