Update Queue in QoS row using NB Rest API

Rui Braz <nuno.carrulo@...>


I'm trying to update a given qos row from QoS table. I have already created a QoS row and a Queue as well. What I want now is to update that QoS row so I can include that Queue on the "queues" field of that QoS row.

I'm using the v2 NB rest API from ovsdb to do it, I've tried several format types (see here: http://pastebin.com/RnmgQBaw) that result in 200 OK with "Success" message. However when I executed the command 'sudo ovs-vsctl list qos', the "queues" field was still empty. The url with the proper values for controller ip, ovs and qos row uuid. (URL: ).

Success requests but not working - Pastebin.com

I'm guessing that the problem is the json request but I can't find it.

Can you tell me how should I format the json on the queues field in order to be accepted on the switch ?


Nuno B.

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