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Luis Gomez <luis.gomez@...>

So from what I understand from this and other previous conversations, it looks like there are 2 trends for the Virtualization edition:


1) Run all apps together but try to use only one virtualization at a time, for this we need:


- Virtualization apps do not take any action in the network (i.e. like writing flows) by default but after activating something through their NB API

- Virtualization apps do not share NB APIs, this includes the Neutron and so that Madhu proposal makes sense here


2) Enable (by configuration) one app at a time. In this case the above is not necessary for obvious reasons, however this looks more like a 3-4 Virtualization editions instead of only 1.


Anyway whatever is the implementation the result looks the same: For Hydrogen release we cannot use more than one Virtualization at a time, am I right?






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Subject: Re: [affinity-dev] [OpenDaylight Discuss] [ovsdb-dev] [vtn-dev] ODL - Neutron API enhancement to include the southbound driver info


Hi Suchi,


Good questions.

I will not pretend to be an expert in this area as I have had little time to dig into these projects unfortunately.


My reaction/response is therefore one of practicality.  


We are so close to the delivery date it feel unreasonable to integrate these functions for the Hydrogen release.

I suggest we aim at delivering option (a) in the 2014 release.  I would also support the Affinity API being exposed in the basic release in 2014 as I see value in a higher level API even in the base release, this would be very useful and interesting to expose to campus and lab environments enabling higher layer app development.





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Subject: Re: [OpenDaylight Discuss] [affinity-dev] [ovsdb-dev] [vtn-dev] ODL - Neutron API enhancement to include the southbound driver info


In addition to the basic metadata setting/getting, the affinity engine has a way to set forwarding rules for traffic redirection. This is the feature required for Radware. 


We have a couple of options -- 


(a) Include affinity in the base edition for Hydrogen release, targeted for small scale testing and campus networks. Design integration between Dove/VTN/affinity and deliver for next release. 




(b) Limit affinity to basic metadata setting/getting and leave it in the virtualization edition. Postpone Radware integration to next release. Design VTN/Dove affinity integration in next release.


Option (b) is easier and option (a) puts us in better position for next release. This is relatively minor in comparison to the Dove + VTN discussion which is also in this thread. 


Comments welcome. 



On Tue, Dec 3, 2013 at 2:43 AM, Anees A Shaikh <aashaikh@...> wrote:

As we've discussed at some length, Affinity is not in the same category of
function as the virtualization implementations, and also doesn't implement
the Neutron APIs, so I don't think the issue of multiple Neutron API
clients applies to Affinity.

 Per Tai-san's note, we're addressing the issue of overlapping control of
the network by i) making the Affinity example flows default-off and
optional, and ii) providing configuration support so that the
virtualization edition runs a single implementation (i.e., one of
VTN/OpenDOVE/OVSDB).   (unless something else was discussed in the TWS
call earlier today)


-- Anees

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> Neutron API enhancement to include the southbound driver info

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> Hi Ed,
> Madhu’s proposal focus on the co-existing problem between southbound
> drivers for Neutron Interface.
> I explained about this problem in the following mail.
> To solve this problem, I think Madhu’s proposal is good.
> The co-existing problem between Affinity, VTN Manager, and
> simpleforwarding is a different problem.
> In the Virtualization Edition, more than one application exist, and
> they try to control the same network resources simultaneously.
> Because different applications have different policies on how to
> control network resources, it’s obvious that flow entries installed
> by different applications are inconsistent.
> To solve this problem, we need other solution.
> Regards,
> Hideyuki Tai
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> Subject: Re: [ovsdb-dev] [vtn-dev] ODL - Neutron API enhancement to
> include the southbound driver info
> So I see the value of this... But what about Affinity?
> Ed
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> On Dec 2, 2013, at 7:57 PM, "Hideyuki Tai" <h-tai@...> wrote:
> Hi Madhu,
> I completely agree with your opinion.
> Regards,
> Hideyuki Tai
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> Subject: [vtn-dev] ODL - Neutron API enhancement to include the
> southbound driver info
> Hi Kyle, OpenDove, VTN & OVSDB devs,
> Since we all have integrations completed with the Neutron nb-apis
> and these southbound drivers (ovsdb, open-dove, vtn)
> cannot co-exist in the same virtualization edition, I was thinking
> of extending the Neutron NB-API to include the information
> on which Southbound driver to choose. By doing that, all of these
> bundles can co-exist in the same virtualization edition and
> based on the Openstack/Neutron deployment, the customer can choose
> which ODL-southbound to use. This can be done along
> with the existing configuration that is needed on the OpenStack to
> point to the ODL-Northbound API & the authentication details.
> something like :
> [[post-config|/etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/ml2_conf.ini]]
> [ml2_odl]
> url=
> username=admin
> password=admin
> southbound=[ovsdb | opendove | vtn]
> We can ofcourse keep this configuration inside the OpenDaylight as
> well. But, having it done as part of Neutron provides a single
> point of configuration and let the Neutron administrator decide on
> what is to be done, rather than depending on another administrator
> who might handle the Opendaylight Controller.
> Please share your opinion and I can get this thing done on the
> Opendaylight side.
> Thanks,
> Madhu
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