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Aswin Chidambaram-Pappa <aswincp@...>

From: Aswin Chidambaram-Pappa <aswincp@...>
Date: Sat, Mar 28, 2015 at 2:53 PM
Subject: Internship Proposal

Proposed Project for Internship:

To make the Distributed Virtual Router to work in an agentless mode and thus enabling distributed routing. First I would like to focus on the "East-West" Intra-Tenant network traffic

In this project, I'll be mainly focussing on solving the following two problems,

1. Intra VM traffic flows through the Network Node
The performance degradation due to the intra VM traffic(VMs traffic belonging to the same tenant) hitting the network node can be resolved by routing the traffic in a distributed fashion by adding tags to the flows to differentiate the traffic (my proposed solution).

2. VMs with FloatingIP also receive and send packets through the Network Node Routers

To distribute the service of FloatingIP (DNAT) translation and the external network gateway available at the Network Node to other nodes, so that the system is resilient to single point failure of the Network Node and there will be efficient balancing of the traffic load among other nodes.

Chosen Mentor:  Swaminathan Vasudevan

About me and my interests:

Name: Aswin Chidambaram Pappa
Mobile no: 1-515-357-7126
email-id: aswincp@...
Address: 802 Dickinson Ave, Unit #101, Ames, Iowa IA-50014

I am a graduate student in Iowa State University, pursuing my Master of Science in Computer Engineering. I am specializing in Networks and virtualization. I have experience in working with OpenDaylight controller using mininet. I also have a sound knowledge over Networking concepts and a Cisco Certified Network Associate. I'm proficient in programming with Java, Python, C/C++ and kernel coding. My research experience aligns with this project and hence I feel that the project goals can be accomplished by me

Herewith I have attached my academic transcripts (undergraduate & graduate) and a photocopy of my student ID card. 

Looking forward to hear valuable suggestions from your community,

Aswin Chidambaram Pappa. 

Major Research Guide: Dr. Manimaran Govindarasu  <gmani@...>
Academic Project Guide: Dr. Ahmed Kamal <kamal@...>

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