Re: [controller-dev] OVSDB, SFC and clustering

Edward Warnicke <hagbard@...>


I believe that persistence is only turned on for the config data store, not the operational datastore, so on reboot, operational data would be refreshed.


On Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 8:50 PM, Reinaldo Penno <rapenno@...> wrote:
I’m facing some problems with clustering in SFC and stumbled on an issue with OVSDB

The access pattern is the following:

  • OpenvSwitch connects to ODL
  • OVSDB creates data in config datastore
  • SouthBound OVDSDB creates data in operational datastore
  • SFC listens to OVSDB operational store changes
  • SFC creates corresponding switch in SFC
Now let’s add clustering to the mix.

If ODL reboots:

  • OVSDB and SFC will have data for a switch that does not exist (yet) until it connects
  • Now, let’s suppose the OVS switch never reconnects. What then?

Will OVSDB keep this stale data around? How long will it wait until the switch reconnects?
If switch reconnects, will data in the OVSDB operational datastore be overwritten? One could assume switch configuration changed between ODL reboots.

All this is unclear to me and have profound impacts on how SFC works. 



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