Table Names Display on Dlux UI


Hi Team,

We have developed the MD-SAL based application to fetching the table names from ovsdb.

We are getting the values in  apidoc UI (swagger ui).

We would like to display the values in DLux UI . We have already created one new module for this implementation in dlux. We need to display the values to the newly created module.

We are still struggling to display the value in dlux ui.

we have couple of  questions here.

(1) Dlux UI code running separately
(2) Created MDSAL application with in OVSDB source code separately
(3) We are not able to login to dlux ui while running the Karaf [inside our newly created MDSAL application]. How to fix this ?
(4) Is it possible to display MD SAL application values in dlux ui

Could you please clarify our queries. Please find the attached screen shot.

Thanks & Regards,

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