Is anyone working on the following issues?

Sharon Aicler

I have pulled the latest ovsdb code and compiled it. I have noticed a few issues and before i dig in to try and fix them, I would like to know if someone is aware of them and might already be working on a fix. I am using OVS version 2.0.2, but the following might also be happening with OVS version 2.3.9.

-1 value for ofport in ovsdb
When a port is added to OVS, if the added port does not have a corresponding interface/sub interface on the host, ovsdb assigns a "-1" value as the ofport and this is causing ovsdb plugin issues during loading time and the operation state is not retrieved @ all.

ofport value is missing when a port is added
When ODL has finished loading and there is a correct operation state for all ports, if i add a port, the port is added to the operation state but does not contain the ofport attribute.

Creating/Tagging a port via the restconf
I also was unable to create or tag a port via the restconf, i used the below json, note my OVS and ODL are not on the same server:
I was trying to create the port "br01.200" on bridge "br02" tagged with vlan 200...


  "network-topology:termination-point": [
	  	"ovsdb:name": "br01.200",
	  	"ovsdb:bridge-name": "br02",
  		"tp-id": "br01.200",
            	"ovsdb:vlan-tag": "200",
                "ovsdb:interface-type": "ovsdb:interface-type-internal",
            	"ovsdb:attached-to": "/network-topology:network-topology/network-topology:topology[network-topology:topology-id='ovsdb:1']/network-topology:node[network-topology:node-id='ovsdb://']"


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