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Sam Hague

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Subject: [ovsdb-dev] Is anyone working on the following issues?

I have pulled the latest ovsdb code and compiled it. I have noticed a few
issues and before i dig in to try and fix them, I would like to know if
someone is aware of them and might already be working on a fix. I am using
OVS version 2.0.2, but the following might also be happening with OVS
version 2.3.9.

-1 value for ofport in ovsdb
When a port is added to OVS, if the added port does not have a corresponding
interface/sub interface on the host, ovsdb assigns a "-1" value as the
ofport and this is causing ovsdb plugin issues during loading time and the
operation state is not retrieved @ all.
If -1 is returned then that means the port add to ovsdb failed. Normally when a port is added the related interface is added at the same time, otherwise the transaction fails. So the -1 should mean there is no operational state.

If you are adding the port on the ovsdb instance using ovs-vsctl then I would think the -1 there also means the port is not really added on the bridge.

ofport value is missing when a port is added
When ODL has finished loading and there is a correct operation state for all
ports, if i add a port, the port is added to the operation state but does
not contain the ofport attribute.

Creating/Tagging a port via the restconf
I also was unable to create or tag a port via the restconf, i used the below
json, note my OVS and ODL are not on the same server:
I was trying to create the port "br01.200" on bridge "br02" tagged with vlan
Parts of the vlan tagging code is still in the progress of being added. It might be best to wait until the rest of the code is in.

"network-topology:termination-point": [
"ovsdb:name": "br01.200",
"ovsdb:bridge-name": "br02",
"tp-id": "br01.200",
"ovsdb:vlan-tag": "200",
"ovsdb:interface-type": "ovsdb:interface-type-internal",


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