Re: [OVSDB MDSAL] Creating VXLAN tunnel

Sam Hague


are you asking for how to find the vtep ip addresses so you can set the local_ip and remote_ip addresses? If so then we get that from using the other_config:local_ip value in the Open_vSwitch table.

This commit brought the other_config support into ovsdb: [1].

The value is set manually on the ovsdb node with the following:

ipaddr=<ipaddr of vtep>
read ovstbl <<< $(ovs-vsctl get Open_vSwitch . _uuid)
ovs-vsctl set Open_vSwitch $ovstbl other_config={"local_ip"="$ipaddr"}

Then you read that value from the operational and use it in your add-port. local_ip is read from the local and remote ovsdb nodes and supplied to the add-port command.

Marcus is working on a tunnel overlay yang model that might do some of this work. It isn't ready yet so doing the above should work until then. Marcus is cc'ed on the email to add info on the overlay model.

Thanks, Sam


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Subject: [ovsdb-dev] [OVSDB MDSAL] Creating VXLAN tunnel

Hello guys,

I would like to ask for an advice on how to configure VXLAN tunnel between
two OVS Bridges, while using purely only OVSDB MDSAL Southbound API.

I can configure Port/Interface (TerminationPoint) as VXLAN requires, in other
words with use of OVSDB I’m able to reproduce command:

Bridge1: ovs-vsctl add-port br1 vxlan12 -- set interface vxlan12 type=vxlan
options:local_ip= options:remote_ip=

Bridge2: ovs-vsctl add-port br2 vxlan21 -- set interface vxlan21 type=vxlan
options:local_ip= options:remote_ip=

However, the tunnel will not work unless the entered IP addresses are not
corresponding to IP addresses of network interfaces of machine, where OVS is
running (please correct me if I’m wrong). So the question is, how to get
these IPs or how to set them using OVSDB.

Before, we were usually manually configuring virtual network interfaces for
VXLAN tunnel purposes.



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