Enabling the Neutron router APIs for Opendaylight

Mohnish Anumala

Ed and myself spent sometime debugging lack of invocation of neutron router API.
Here is the mechanism to enable it:
1. Get the base local.conf from here - thanks to Flavio:
2. Add the following to your local.conf:
service_plugins = networking_odl.l3.l3_odl.OpenDaylightL3RouterPlugin,neutron_lbaas.services.loadbalancer.plugin.LoadBalancerPlugin,neutron.services.metering.metering_plugin.MeteringPlugin,neutron_vpnaas.services.vpn.plugin.VPNDriverPlugin,neutron_fwaas.services.firewall.fwaas_plugin.FirewallPlugin
We have also modified the 'odl-router' to 'router' in the networking-odl/setup.cfg. But this might not be required.

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