Re: Arbitrary connection port is part of the node-id

Sharon Aicler

Sorry, but does't a docker has a unique ip?
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On Apr 16, 2015, at 6:53 PM, Sharon Aicler (saichler) <saichler@...> wrote:

Hi all,
The node-id of an ovs bridge contains the arbitrary port of the outgoing connection instance and looks something like the following:

This creates an issue if i place something in the configuration store and the connection goes down due to some reason, the node-id will change each time the connection is lost or I restart ODL/OVSDB.
Any reason for this? can't we just use the ip? i don't think you can run two instances of OVS in the same VM…
Hi Sharon,

That is not true. I’ve seen a VM with many OVS instances running; mostly in a docker environment.

But I see your point. When OVS is connecting to ODL (i.e. active method) the port is not predictable. When ODL connects to
an OVS (passive mode), ODL will need to know that port, tho; so the solution to this problem should ideally work on both

— flavio

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