Re: bridge-other-configs not configured on OVS Bridge

Sam Hague


it is possibly a bug. Can you file a bugzilla for the ovsdb product and plugin component?

Thanks, Sam

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Subject: [ovsdb-dev] bridge-other-configs not configured on OVS Bridge

Hello guys,

I’m having trouble setting up ‘bridge-other-configs’ on OVS Bridge. Pushing
values into network-topology configuration data store does not setup them on
target OVS Bridge (‘ovs-vsctl get Bridge br1 other_config’ returns empty

The reverse direction is working, in other words, if I configure OVS Bridge
other config manually (ovs-vsctl set Bridge br1
other_config={"local_ip"=""}) it will get to network-topology
operational data store.

I assume that this functionality was not implemented yet, are there any plans
for it?



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