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Luis Gomez

Adding Chaudhry (for some reason got removed)…

On May 8, 2015, at 10:54 AM, Luis Gomez <ecelgp@...> wrote:

Hi Sam, couple of things:

- Can you refer any documentation or POSTMAN collection for the small OVSDB pieces you mention or there is really nothing (other than code) as you say?

- The OpenStack is a different track Daniel is driving and trying to align with OPNFV goals. That one I am not 100% certain we can get it done this release according to latest Daniel comments in the integration call. However if with your experience with tempest test you think we can easily deploy stable openstack with unstable ODL and make some quick VM transport test, we can also take a look at that now.


On May 8, 2015, at 10:39 AM, Sam Hague <shague@...> wrote:


Welcome Chaudhry and Neelima! Yeah, this is great and something that would be really helpful to have. You are in good hands with Anil.

It would be good to include the whole southbound API and not just the tunnel overlay. The tunnel overlay API is still a work in progress. The underlying tasks to create an overlay are implemented so many users are currently using that in the meantime. I think that is actually easier to test since it broken down into smaller, understandable pieces - add bridge, add tunnel port, add flows to make tunnel. The links you mentioned below are the only ones we have right now. It is probably good to look at the ovsdb.yang or the restconf explorer to see the model. We can elaborate on the different steps needed to build a tunnel.

Scalability is also another test that is greatly needed. I don't think we have been updating the docker so not sure if it still works but it shouldn't take much to get it there if it is broken. I would suggest giving it a shot to see.

Question: how does this relate to other work for OpenStack integration? I recall Daniel was working on something related and Patrick was trying to get some multi-node testing setup. I think Daniel also might have done some docker work that we could leverage.

Thanks, Sam

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Thanks Luis, this looks great!

Welcome!! Chaudhry, Neelima , please feel free to ping me whenever you want
to discussion any thing , my irc handle is vishnoianil (or sometime i use

Luis, About the docker testing, i think these instruction should work, but i
didn't try it personally. Sam/Flavio can probably comment on that.


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Hi OVSDB devs,

Please correct me if I am wrong but it is my understanding the new OVSDB SB
protocol is going to be consumed by several projects in ODL (OpenStack, GBP,
SFC, etc…). So the integration group would like to help creating system test
for the overlay API as well as any other functionality you consider key in
this release. We would like to also include an scalability test for OVS
instances and tunnel creation if time allows.

So if you agree on the above let me introduce you the 2 people will be
helping (starting next week):

- Chaudhry Usama, OpenDaylight summer intern I mentor
- Neelima Sharma, freelance test engineer

I am sure Chaudhry and Neelima will be very welcome in the OVSDB community,
one of the most open and diverse in OpenDaylight :)

And now the basic questions to get started:

1) Information about new API, searching quickly:

- I can see there is already this wiki under construction:
- There is also a POSTMAN collection with supported methods:
- Some instruction on how to enable the SB feature and considerations:
- Am I missing anything?

2) For scalability:

- I remember old OVSDB committers were using docker instances to encapsulate
OVS and therefore saving lot of resources (multiple OVS per host)
- I found this link: , do you know
if this is still updated?
- Any scalability/performance advice or concern is also welcome :)

Finally Chaudhry and Neelima have some experience with OVS but they will need
for sure some support with questions and issues when they start testing.
They both are in India so the time for the OVSDB call is not the best but I
will be in their behalf. I have also asked Anil to support them in the time
nobody (including me) is available. Obviously I will be mentoring them in
all that is test/automation as well as with my limited OVS knowledge so I do
not expect them to ask questions all the time to OVSDB devs that I know they
are very busy right now.

And this is all I wanted to say, please let me know if you have questions,
suggestions, or anything.

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