VM images + configs for DevStack testing

Florian Daniel Otel <florian.otel@...>

Hello all, 

As promised (on the weekly meeting a while ago and in an email yesterday): Since many have / are struggling with setting up the environment for ODL -- DevStack testing / development I have put together the VM images and the respective configurations (i.e. "local.conf" files) for setting up the environment consistently. 

The archive containing the DevStack VMs (two node setup  -- one "controller" and one "compute") is located here:

Size: 4983728003 bytes
MD5sum: dfd791a989603a88a0fa37950696608c

It assumes that you have already have ODL + ovsdb plugins (northbound, openstack) running.  Please consult the README file inside the archive for description / instructions. 

Hope this helps, 


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