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Armando M. <armamig@...>

Hi Flavio,

Responses inline.

On 27 June 2015 at 15:32, Flavio Fernandes <ffernand@...> wrote:
[cc’ing odl neutron-dev ovsdb-dev]

Hi Armando,

Sam ran into a snag while trying to use lithium against stable kilo. The issue is 2 fold:

A) there is no stable/kilo branch for networking-odl;

B) the changes you did in neutron for security group callback [armandoSg] is in neutron master, but not in stable/kilo.
Because of that, stack fails with [fail].

I think we can handle (A) somewhat easily, right? I know we have a tag (1.0.0a0) and my thinking is that all
we need is to create stable/kilo off of that. And potentially neuter sg like this [neuterSg]. Not an ideal solution.

Yes, this is straightforward.

For (B), we would like to hear from you… Is it possible at all to cherry pick [armandoSg] to neutron’s stable/kilo ?  If not,
it won’t be until liberty that ODL can use SG.  Another nefarious idea would be to fork neutron and create a /stable/kilo/odl
branch in github and explicitly use that via $NEUTRON_REPO. If we did that, we would have the SG goodness in lithium while
using a stable/kilo and not need [neuterSg].

Your thoughts, please!

We could try and backport this to neutron stable/kilo, there's a slight complication but I wonder if we could make it work. Bear with me, while I'll give this a whirl.

— flavio

[fail]: CRITICAL neutron [-] AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'SECURITY_GROUP'


commit 2e95d196504e011e451fc8777392a0d6e1b7cec6
Author: armando-migliaccio <armamig@...>
Date:   Thu Apr 16 12:45:32 2015 -0700

    Add security groups events

    ML2 mech drivers have no direct exposure to security groups,
    and they can only infer them from the associated network/ports.
    This is problematic as agentless ML2 mech drivers have no way of
    intercepting securitygroups events and propagate the information
    to their backend, or more generally, react to them.

    This patch leverages the callback registry to dispatch such events
    so that interested ML2 mech drivers (or any interested party like
    service plugins) can be notified and react accordingly.

    This patch addresses create/update/delete of security groups and
    create/delete of security groups rules. Other events may be added
    over time, if need be.

    This patch is only about emitting the events. The actual subscription
    and implementation of the event handlers will have to take place where
    deemed appropriate.

    Closes-bug: #1444112

    Change-Id: Ifa1d7ee9c967576f824f1129dd68e6e3abd48f5c

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