OVSDB Release Planning

Sam Hague

Hi all,

Please add any feature requests to the google sheet at [1]. Simply add the feature, description and requester or resource names so that we can track the feature. We will then move them over to the Trello board.

We will discuss the list during the weekly OVSDB meetings this week and next. We need to finalize this list soon to announce our formal release plan.

Also check [2] below to see if you are a member of the Be Trello board. If not, send me your email address or Trello username and I will add you.

Thanks, Sam

[1] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bDygyIwNOGFEEFDTQJN2LqoTyfmaxwtka-AlwkPcvzE/edit?usp=sharing
[2] https://trello.com/b/FJAa9wyl/ovsdb-beryllium

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