OVSDB hardware vtep support

Sam Hague

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Hi All,

This is regarding the ODL hardware l2gateway implementations. Myself and
Maruti tried to put together a high level architecture diagram and tried to
explain as we understand. Please take a look and we can discuss on any
comments/suggestions in our Tuesday's meeting coming week. Also Maruti
and I are planning to talk about how the hardware l2 gateway feature is
implemented in Kilo.

Discover and establish connection with hardware VTEP:

* ODL OVSDB plug-in will establish an active connection with the device
running ovsdb-server and hw_vtep model in MD-SAL data store is updated. (1)
* Neutron administrator creates an l2-gateway (abstraction of hardware
gateway and its ports/interfaces) - logical resource in neutron.
* Neutron administrator creates a VXLAN network.
* Neutron administrator creates an l2-gateway-connection (binding of
the virtual network with the l2-gateway logical resource)
* The call lands into the L2gw service plugin.
* The L2gw service plugin invokes the l2gw-ODL driver and makes REST
call to the ODL controller
* The ODL controller validates the request against the data present in
the datastore (whether such hardware gateway and such ports really exist).
* ODL northbound REST API also reads the gateway configuration and
updates the hardware_vtep yang model in MD-SAL data store.
* onDatachanged event will be generated and the OVSDB net-virt should
determine ( in MD-SAL data store) the compute nodes which is hosting the
virtual ports and VM macaddress associated to these virtual ports in
gateway configuration. Once all the necessary information is available
appropriated tables of hardware_vtep yang model in MD-SAL data store should
be updated.
* Neutron yang should be updated and onDatachanged event will be
generated which will be consumed by netvirt.
* OnDataChanged OVSDB Southbound plugin should process the
NorthBoundevent and using OVSDB library the appropriate tables in the device
hw_vtep should be updated so that VXLAN tunnel between the hw_vtep and the
compute node will be created. Also VNI<->VLAN binding should be updated on
the device's hw_vtep so that VNI <-> VLAN cross-connect configuration will
be done by the device based on the hw_vtep table updates.
* When a VM is spawned on the neutron side, the VMs details (like IP,
MAC, compute node VTEP IP) is sent by the ODL ML2 plugin to the ODL North
* The ODL OVSDB soutbound plugin updates the OVSDB hardware schema
tables the hardware gateway creates a VXLAN tunnel to the compute node based
on this information.
* Whenever a new bare metal server is discovered on the port (for which
VXLAN-VLAN mapping exists), the ODL southbound plugin contacts the compute
node OVS tunnel bridge to create a reverse VXLAN tunnel to the hardware
* OVSDB southbound plug-in should also create VXLAN tunnel on the
compute node whose ports are participating in the gateway configuration.
* With this configuration bare metals(BM) on the physical
infrastructure (underlay) and virtual machines (VM) on the overlay can
participate in the same l2 domain.

Ravi / Maruti

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Subject: OVSDB hardware vtep support
When: Tuesday, June 23, 2015 7:30 PM-8:30 PM (UTC+05:30) Chennai, Kolkata,
Mumbai, New Delhi.
Where: tbd

Looking to hold ongoing meetings in the community forum at 7 am PST on
Tuesdays. Abhijit will send out an invite with the webex details as soon as
phil robb sets it up. If it doesn't come through for tomorrow, we can use
the Ericsson conference. Unfortunately, I cannot post the conf number on the
mailing list, I will share it with this group. So in case we do use it, will
request you to forward the invite to whoever else interested.


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