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Sam Hague


the openstack modules do not write anything to operational. It relies on the southbound to do that and openstack listens for those changes when they happen. After that the openstack netvirt modules will do things like add bridges, but it is the southbound which will update the operational topology. If you are looking for the openflow nodes, then the openflowplugin does that (look in the earlier email where I mentioned that)

1. Did you verify the southbound feature loaded? feature:list -i | grep ovsdb. look for southbound.
2. Try the postman calls. look in the ovsdb/resources/commons dir for the southbound postman. Use the "Get config topology" and "get operational topology" restconf calls and see if you get the ovsdb:1 node.
3. Add the ovs-vsctl set-manager tcp:<odlip>:6640 and verify if the ovsdb node connected to odl, ovs-vsctl show.
4. Then try the postman calls again to see if the node shows up.


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Hi Sam,

I commented out the openstack bundles in odl-ovsdb-openstack (please see
below) to test if odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl-ui will be able to load the
inventory operational node into datastore. Well, it didn't do it. Is that
mean that the openstack bundles are doing extra work to populate the
inventory? Thanks.

<feature name="odl-ovsdb-openstack" description="OpenDaylight :: OVSDB ::
OpenStack Network Virtualization"
<feature version='${mdsal.version}'>odl-mdsal-broker</feature>
<feature version="1.1.0-SNAPSHOT">odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl-ui</feature>

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Thanks Sam. Actually, this what I thought I need to do (only include
odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl in my features.xml), but I am not sure what part I
am missing. I believe the devstack & ODL connection works since I am able to
see neutron elements in datastore when executing commands like (neutron
net-create net-1). So feature odl-neutron-service works.

However, when I am running ODL purely from the OVSDB project it works and I
can see the operational nodes. So, I am missing something in my project.

Thanks Sam as always.


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the OVSDB southbound plugin [1] will populate the topology with the ovsdb
node information, including the bridges and ports. With devstack as part of
the local.conf config the ODL address is specified. In the final steps of
the the OVSDB Manager entry is set to that address and the OVSDB
nodes will connect to ODL. The OVSDB southbound plugin will see that
connection and begin to populate the MDSAL operational datastore - stores
the node, the bridge, the ports as termination points.

From there the netvirt [2] application listens for the operational updates.
netvirt also listens on the neutron events coming from the northbound side.
With these two sets of events netvirt will satisfy the neutron requests.

The openflow nodes inventory is populated via the openflowplugin. When the
OVSDB nodes connect and netvirt sees that it will create the required
bridges, i.e, br-int, and then set the Controller address. Those bridges
will then connect to ODL openflowplugin port and openflowplugin will add the
switches to the inventory.

So you just need the odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl or
odl-ovsdb-southbound-impl-ui feature to get the southbound plugin which will
get the inventory for you.

Thanks, Sam

[1] ovsdb/southbound/southbound-impl
[2] ovsdb/openstack

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I can’t figure out how OVSDB populate ODL Inventory based on openstack
specifically after ./ is complete). Also, is there a feature I can
include in my project to do that.

Thanks much.


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