Openstack-ODL integration issues in stable/kilo + Lithium 0.3.0


Hi Flavio, Sam & All,


            We were testing latest neutron/lithium odl / stable kilo devstack combo in all-in-one mode few days back, using modified Flavio’s vagrant setup ( we faced below issues(?).



1.      on stacking - unstacking - stacking (with manager set appropriately), br-int is *NOT* getting created consistently

2.      Even times when br-int was successfully created, OpenFlow connection to controller from ovswitch on control node is not setup consistently.


Anybody else faced similar issues ?


      We created br-int / OF connection to ODL on port 6653 manually in above cases and could see that the default pipelines flows are getting programmed both on the control & compute node, however vxlan tunnel weren’t getting created and we programmed it manually in the ovs. However ping from Tenant1-VM1 on control node to Tenant1-VM2 of compute node fails. Compute node has received the broadcast ARP request and sends it out to the Tenant1-VM2 as well. However the tenant is not responding back to the ARP request. Unfortunately we aren’t able to dump / analyze  packets on the Tenant1-VM2...


Tenant / VM definitions are WRT below diagram.



Natarajan & Ravi


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